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As seen on Dateline, weight loss hypnosis works!


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Tried Everything? Still Frustrated? The Zen of Thin Self Hypnosis Program May Be the Weight Loss Solution You've Been Searching For!

You've tried the diets, the pills, the machines, and still... you gain the weight back... or worse, you start eating more when you just think about going on a diet.


Before you attempt to lose weight and get your body in shape with diet and exercise, prepare your mind for weight loss with the #1 Weight Loss Self Hypnosis Program...The Zen of Thin


Your subconscious mind holds the power to resolve the deep issues you may have with food. Weight Loss Hypnosis simply allows your brain to communicate with your cells in a way that creates power and intention.

Every thought we think has an impact on our cellular memory. Our cells respond to our negative thoughts and to our positive thoughts. If you have a history of eating problems, your cellular memory is loaded with negative programming. No matter how much conscious effort you put into changing your weight, your subconscious mind is flooding your body with messages that have been ingrained for years.

When you discover how easy it is to resolve the issues with these proven Hypnotherapy methods you will be amazed.
Simply listen to the tapes or CDs at night as you are falling asleep.

The Zen of Thin is the self hypnosis program that will end your struggle, stop your cravings and make you like to exercise!

Wendi's Zen of Thin is the #1 Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

Weight loss hypnosis--as seen on Dateline--is proven powerful! (See the information regarding The Weight Loss Challenge below.)

What Benefits Will You Experience with Weight Loss Hypnosis

You'll be in control, love to eat nutritious foods, easily turn down the sweets and fats that we all crave so much, and actually want to exercise! Why? Because you'll believe in the power of your mind with hypnosis.

Then too, weight loss is achieved faster with hypnosis. In fact, some people say it feels like magic because it becomes easier to make the powerful changes necessary to lose the weight and keep it off.

Why Does Weight Loss Hypnosis Work?

Self hypnosis simply allows you to access the resources you already have in your subconscious mind.

While listening to your weight loss hypnosis CD's, your subconscious mind will start directing the cells in your body to burn fat. As you imagine walking into your future, getting slimmer, healthier and releasing the fat, your mind will create a powerful belief about the new, slimmer you. You will notice that it will become easier to eat healthy foods...because your inner mind will believe that this is the right thing to do! Your mind will be driven to succeed and be healthy for life at a subconscious level!

Discover just how good you can feel...now, and for the rest of your life!

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Zen of Thin Weight Loss Hypnosis

As Seen on Dateline, Weight Loss Hypnosis Works!

Maybe you saw Dateline's show, The Weight Loss Challenge?

Dateline showed several diet programs being used, and followed the results.

They were:
* Weight Watchers * Slim Fast
* Atkins diet * Extreme exercise
* Hypnotism * Jorge Cruise weight-loss program

The participant with the most impressive record was Marc, a pastry chef, who used hypnosis to lose 13 pounds in a single week.

Dateline did a terrific job of demonstrating hypnosis and hypnotherapy to the public. By the way, I understand they also did a show on hypnosis for childbirth a while back. They showed expectant mothers using hypnosis for stress-free childbirth.

ZEN OF THIN DVD and CD course

In addition to Marc (who used hypnosis), other participants included:

Lynne - Extreme exercise and a daily 1,300-calorie diet.
Her weight did not change in three months.

Mark "Gio" - Used the Slim Fast diet.
After 1 week on Slim Fast "Gio" gained 3 pounds.

Kathy - Did Weight Watchers, stayed under 20 points/day.
Lost 4.8 pounds in one week ("I starved all week.").

Eleanor - At 300 pounds used an 8 min. weight workout.
Eleanor lost three pounds in the first week.

Rick - Followed the Atkins low-carb diet. Also exercised.
Lost 13 pounds.

And of course, there was...

Marc - (The pastry chef), who decided to try hypnosis.
Lost 13 pounds in first week.

The fascinating part is that Marc, using hypnosis, did not suffer. The guy was happy. He felt good and it happened naturally.

ZEN OF THIN DVD and CD course

Here are some of the results after 3 months...

Kathy lost 18 pounds.

Eleanor lost 24 pounds.

Lynne lost 14 pounds.

Marc lost 40 pounds. (And didn't suffer during that time.)

He says he's very happy with the hypnotist. He's motivated and doesn't feel like anything is holding him back. He now enjoys exercising and has developed a greater love for healthy, nutritious food.

In fact, he says he wants to, rather than feeling he ought to. All he wants now is healthy food, he says.

ZEN OF THIN DVD and CD course

Dateline presented a fair and balanced story on how the different methods stacked up. Hypnosis was demonstrated to be effective and fast.

But more importantly, it was painless because it helps direct the inner mind to feel better and gravitate to natural good health.

Hypnosis really is powerful stuff!

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